Hand Gun Display Case
This display is ideal for your collectible
handguns.  It is handcrafted from black
American walnut with a satin lacquer finish.  
Guns up to 1-3/4" thick are placed on the
velveteen-covered foam pillow insert. The guns
are held in place when the hinged glass top lid
or solid walnut top is closed.  The glass lid is
great for viewing your collectible items at your
convenience.  What a great way to add
character to any room in your office or home.
The display case can also be used for showing
off other collectible items such as:  coins,
service medals, badges, and stripes, sports
medallions, buttons, art items, political buttons,
and many other collectible items.
This display case is not a security or safety
device and should be used only for display
purposes only.  The lock does come with a key.
Handgun Display Case-8 dimensions       The case size is 8"x10"x3"     Display area is 6-1/4"x8-1/4"
Hand Gun Display Case-8 (Walnut/Navy)
Hand Gun Display Case-8 (Walnut/Silver)
Hand Gun Display Case-8 (Walnut/Red)
Handgun Display Case-9 dimensions       The case size is 9"x14"x3"     Display area is 7-1/4"x 12-1/4"
Hand Gun Display Case-9 (Walnut/Silver)
Hand Gun Display Case-9 (Walnut/Red)
Hand Gun Display Case-9 (Walnut/Navy)
Hand Gun Display Case w/ solid top-9 (Walnut/Navy)
Hand Gun Display Case w/ solid top-9 (Walnut/Red)
Hand Gun Display Case w/ solid top-9 (Walnut/Silver)
Handgun Display Case-10 dimensions       The case size is 10"x18"x3"     Display area is 8-1/4"x16-1/4"
Hand Gun Display Case-10 (Walnut/Red)
Hand Gun Display Case-10 (Walnut/Navy)
Hand Gun Display Case-10 (Walnut/Silver)
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Walnut Display Case
Glass Top or Solid Walnut Lid
Navy, Red, or Silver Insert

Three Different Sizes:
The case size is 8"x10"x3"   
Display area is 6-1/4"x8-1/4"

The case size is 9"x14"x3"
Display area is 7-1/4"x 12-1/4"

The case size is 10"x18"x3"
Display area is 8-1/4"x 16-1/4"